"Absolutely the exciting performances of the professors of the Orchestra Stabile del Molise conducted by Maestro Michael Gennarelli to which the public has bestowed warmest applause.”
The Daily Molise (2013)


"Great ovation for Master Michael Gennarelli, the performances of several songs lyric in the program, have proved more incisive and appropriate to the lyric tradition."
New Molise (2011)


"Masterful baton of Maestro Michael Gennarelli's opera The Barber of Seville by Gioacchino Rossini"
The Daily Molise (2010)


"So the conductor, Michael Gennarelli, who was able to give the right sound to the orchestra, without which this prevaricasse on the singers, most praise that can be done to an opera director."
Wanderer's Blog Turin (2010)


"The evidence commendable of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Piedmont in the staging of the opera "The Barber of Seville" by G. Rossini masterfully directed by Maestro Michael Gennarelli."
The periodical title of Turin (2010)


"To pay homage to the scenic part of the staging of the opera "Cavalleria Rusticana" by Pietro Mascagni, there has been the Orchestra Regionale del Molise, conducted by Maestro Michael Gennarelli, the implementation of the master of Molise has proved at once passionate and headstrong, with a sound more tonally correct and incisive, in line with the phrasing typically realist. Surely the choice of music of the Master Gennarelli proved to be apt and meaningful, nothing bequest to the case, phrasing, intonation, timing, selection and merging of voices and the entire stage; mastery gestural communication and valuable interpretation of the music of Mascagni, with particular attention to the relationship between music and theater, fundamental peculiarity of the music realist."
New Molise (2009)


"Master Michael Gennarelli directs with sensitivity and wisdom, show more than convincing, in which the viewer is totally involved and moved by the lightness of country life, the solemnity of the prayer and the dramatic intensity of the duets."
L'Eco del Molise (2009)


"For the representation of the opera “The Magic Flute" by W.A. Mozart, the direction of Maestro Michael Gennarelli led to the execution levels undisputed perfectionism, run that was able to gather the spiritual message of the artistic legacy of Mozart, recovering emotions to the limit of the dream."
Mina Capussi (2008)


"The Regional Orchestra of Molise has been able to support the staff Verdi, all supervised by the young talent Molise Michael Gennarelli opera Rigoletto who showed great technical and musical mastery, taking care of all the details as well as mixing and amalgamation between the orchestra and the stage."
New Molise (2008)


"The direction of the Master Gennarelli, head of the Orchestra Regionale del Molise, has literally delighted those in attendance.”
First Floor Molise (2007)


"A representation of Tosca by Giacomo Puccini by applause, the one conducted by Maestro Michael Gennarelli, who was able to give the orchestra a sound soft and dramatic at the same time for the score of the Tuscan composer.”
First Floor Molise (2007)


"Thunderous applause for La Bohème conducted by Gennarelli, who was able to highlight all the peculiarities of Puccini.”
The Daily Molise (2006)